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Financial Agency (Fina) is the leading Croatian company in the field of financial mediation and the application of information technologies which meet the user requirements. Coverage on a national scale, information system well-proved by the most challenging projects of national importance and high professional level of expert teams are Fina’s greatest advantages,  because of which it is able to prepare and carry out different projects: from simple financial transactions to the most sophisticated projects in the electronic business.

With its extensive branch network, Fina covers the entire territory of Croatia following the logic and the intensity of economic activities, while the information systems used to connect the branches enable Fina to meet even the most demanding client demands in a very short period of time. Each branch offers individualized financial and administrative services regardless of how small they might be. All clients are given equal attention because little things mean a lot at Fina.


The Financial Agency has been operating under its present name since January 1, 2002. However, the company already has a semi-centennial tradition in business being the successor company of the Payment Transactions Institute (ZAP) and the Social Bookkeeping Service (SDK). In 1993 the Social Bookkeeping Service (SDK), the only company in Former Yugoslavia authorized to execute domestic payment transactions, was turned into the Payment Transactions Institute (ZAP), improving the business operations in terms of technology and organization and maintaining the monopoly in the field of payment transactions until 2002. More than 500,000 transactions processed daily in real time, an exceptionally high client satisfaction level and very positive reviews by domestic and international institutions have helped the Institute achieve the status of a highly-reputable company in the financial market.

At the beginning of 2002 when the Law on Financial Agency was enforced, although still under state-ownership, Fina started operating in the market environment shaping its business policy without a monopoly position.


Retail Clients
Fina is present in every bigger community or town, always at the service of all Croatian citizens. Kind staff, pleasant atmosphere and lowest fees are only some of the characteristics of Fina, an organization in which every client comes first and his/her demands, no matter how small, are considered equally important. Fina offers its clients a wide range of services - from low fee payments to currency exchange services and education. 

Corporate clients
In contemporary market business, where each moment is precious and important, Fina strives to design products and offer services that would speed up, simplify and make the business of its clients transparent. A special emphasis is put on e-business. The fact that over a million e-orders are processed in the course of one year tells us just how well-accepted is this way of doing business. 

Fina successfully does business with banks, combining specific products to satisfy their needs. 

Fina is a key partner of the State in in the sphere of public finances, the pension reform, the calculation, payments and control of obligatory contributions, taxes and surtaxes, as well as in all State Treasury affairs.  It offers the service of keeping records of payments for all public contributions and functions as a state statistics service - for all users of analyses as well as generic and individual creditworthiness information.



COMPANY NAME: Financial Agency (FINA)
ADDRESS: Ulica grada Vukovara 70, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Financial mediation, cash operations, business information, e-business, archiving, electronic signature authorization, education, payment transactions.

REGISTRATION: Registered with the Commercial Court in Zagreb, No. 080422905
ACCOUNT: Main Account No.: 2390001-1100017042

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