Fina je član PEPPOL-a (Pan European Public Procurement OnLine) koji omogućava prekograničnu razmjenu računa i ostalih dokumenata u procesima javne nabave.

Fina Access Point  je certificirana PEPPOL pristupna točka koja komunicira s ostalim PEPPOL pristupnim točkama i omugućava interoperabilnu prekograničnu razmjenu računa sukladno EN-16931.

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Technical docmentation and specificiations for eInvoice creation:
Specifikacija osnovne upotrebe e-računa (UBL 2.1. i CII)

Sending eInvoices through PEPPOL Network

Sending eInvoices to croatian state beneficiaries is possible through PEPPOL Network.

You can request the service of sending eInvoices through PEPPOL Network from any certified PEPPOL Access Point in Your country. To check if there is certified Access Point in Your country is at the following link:

All state beneficiaries are connected to one central point - Fina e-Račun za državu. The Law obliges all state beneficiaries to send and receive electronic invoices in public procurement from 01st July 2019.

Fina has established  PEPPOL Access Point for receiving eInvoices through PEPPOL Network.

All state beneficiaries are able to receive eInvoices through PEPPOL Network.


The process of sending eInvoices to croatian state beneficiaries

The process of registration depends on each entity because they have the opportunity to register their organizational units with some internal codes or some global codes from ISO 6523 ( e.g. GLN).

Registering with:

  • internal code - through PEPPOL it will be possible only to address main organization by OIB number,
  • global code - if entity register every organizational units with own global code, PEPPOL infrastructure will be able address that specific unit.

Most entities are registered with their VAT number (croatian OIB), and some have GLN. 

After the process of registration is finished, they are published on the PEPPOL SMP/SML.

With the structure 9934:OIB, it is possible to send e-invoices through PEPPOL.

Sending documents via PEPPOL network is according to the EU norm and PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 specification.

List of beneficiaries can be found through this web application

It is necessary to know OIB or name of organization. Name => (cro. Naziv poslovnog subjekta)

If organization is registered it is possible to see more information and column subject type (cro. Tip subjekta) will be set to (cro. Obveznik JN) which means state beneficiaries.