Business information

Fina uses its databases containing collected financial and statistical reports and other information available to it to prepare and market a number of products available through our web services or in paper form across Fina's business network.

Based on analyses, creditworthiness information, annual statements and account information, it is possible to obtain more information about business partners quickly and easily, and conduct business more efficiently and with less risk.


The service contains information on all business entities required to submit annual financial statements (GFIs) and is updated every time statements submitted to Fina are processed. Information is presented clearly, comprehensibly and simply by using tables and charts. This is the first and only service containing all business information in one place and enabling comparison of enterprise information against the entire Croatian economy.

Creditworthiness Information

Creditworthiness information is very helpful in business decisions because it reduces business risk and enables assessment of business partners' operations and creditworthiness. The following creditworthiness information is available: BONPLUS, BON-1, BON-1/IN and BON-2. BON-1 is also available on the WEB-BON web service by using the FINA e-card.

Publications – Analyses and Information

Based on information in submitted financial and statistical reports, Fina compiles and offers standard information and publications and creates databases according to specific requests, for example, size, activity, territory or form of ownership.

Annual Financial Statements Registry (RGFI)

RGFI is a central source of information on business and financial performance of legal and natural persons subject to corporate income tax and legal and natural persons in bankruptcy. Documents in the Registry are available to all business entities and individuals and may be obtained in paper or electronic form. Published information is available to everyone on the Internet. 

Unified Accounts Registry (JRR)

The Unified Account Registry contains records of all regular HRK accounts held by business entities, budget accounts and accounts for collection of joint budget revenues held with banks and the Croatian National Bank. The Registry provides quick and easy access to information on newly opened accounts and changes in existing accounts.

Concessions Registry

The Concessions Registry contains unified electronic records of contracts and is a central source of information on all concessions granted on the territory of the Republic of Croatia. The Registry is public and anyone may access any information in it without proving legal interest.