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Archiving and Digitalization of Documentation

Archiving and Digitalization of Documentation

Optimize and improve your business while ensuring availability, confidentiality, and integrity of your documentation. A practical and secure solution for all companies that want to efficiently manage their documentation.

Store your Documents in a Safe Place

Optimize your Processes

Reduce the possibility of human error and shorten the time needed to find documentation.

Achieve the Highest Level of Security

Forget about the risks of fire, floods, theft, and unauthorized access to your documentation.

Save Space and Time

Access data faster and easier. Manage the lifecycle of documentation with significant savings in space, equipment, and other resources.

Align your Business with Regulations

Complete the prescribed obligations of keeping documentation in its original physical, digital, and micrographic form and entrust it to us for safekeeping.

Select the Option That Suits Your Needs

Depending on the amount of digitized documentation you want to store and the degree to which you want to customize the process to your needs, we have prepared several service models.

Solution with Advanced Features

Fina e-Archive

Customized application for your needs, enabling long-term storage and quick access to e-invoices and other documents in digital format.

Simple Solution

Fina Web archive

Application for fast and easy search of documents in digital format, based on descriptive terms.

Solution on Portable Media

Portable Archive

An application that enables searching through digital documents on portable media or your computer equipment.

Physical Documentation Storage

You can store physical documentation in Fina's archival spaces, where we provide top-notch storage conditions in accordance with archival standards.

Conversion of Physical Documentation

We convert your documentation into digital or micrographic format through a comprehensive solution from pickup to delivery of documentation in the agreed-upon format.

Destruction of Documentation

We professionally destroy documentation in paper and optical formats for which the business need has ceased, using equipment with the highest level of security, in accordance with regulations on personal data protection.

Consulting Services in the Field of Archiving

We provide consulting services in the field of archiving, offering recommendations for managing your archival system based on a conducted assessment and in line with your specific needs.

Have Additional Questions? We Are Happy to Assist You.

If you need further clarification or have any questions about our service, please feel free to reach out to us. 

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