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Fina e-Invoice

Fina e-Invoice

Fina is the first in Croatia to develop a service for safe and reliable sending, receiving and storing of e-invoices. Try our solution that allows you the most reliable exchange of electronic invoices.

Starting from 0.93 EUR per month. No contract obligation.

Reduce business expenses

Process and archive your invoices faster to increase the efficiency of your business.

Follow account status

Stay informed at all times thanks to automatic notifications about the status of e-invoices and their settlement.

Ensure access to data

Eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access and changes to your e-bills.

Rely on electronic storage

Be sure that all of your e-invoices, together with their attachments, are automatically archived in compliance with regulations.

What does e-Invoice enable you to do?

Creation and sending of e-invoices

Simply create and send e-invoices through our web application Fina e-Invoice or your accounting program integrated with Fina e-Invoice. The invoice issued in this way is identical to a paper invoice.

Creation and sending of e-invoices

Receipt of e-invoices

Simply receive e-bills through our web application Fina e-Invoice or your accounting program integrated with Fina e-Invoice. The service receives the e-invoice, checks the signature and permissions, and forwards it to the recipient who receives the e-invoice, accepts it or rejects it.  

Receipt of e-invoices

Status overview and archiving

Follow the status of e-invoices and receive notifications about their settlement in real time. The service is connected to Fina e-Archive, which enables automatic storage of exchanged e-invoices.

Status overview and archiving

Select the Option that Suits your Business

Depending on the quantity of e-invoices you plan to send and the extent to which you want to automate processes, we have prepared two service models.

For companies that send a small number of invoices

Fina e-Invoice Web Application

You can access the Fina e-Invoice web application anytime and anywhere. It's a practical solution for small businesses and anyone who doesn't need to send a larger quantity of invoices.

For companies that have their own accounting software

Integration with Fina e-Invoice

The ideal solution for medium and large companies with developed internal systems. Connect Fina e-Invoice with your accounting software and continue to use your own platform (ERP), enjoying all the benefits of the automated process offered by our solution.

Access through mobile application.

With the help of the mFina mobile application, you can view your e-invoices in your inbox and outbox, change their status, and access information from the Public Register of e-Invoices.

Free download the mFina mobile application.

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Trust Fina

Trust Fina

Fina is the first qualified trust service provider and holder of the EU trusted label in the Republic of Croatia. It is listed on the Trusted List of trust service providers, or the list of trust service providers in the European Union (European Union Trusted List). 

Fina's e-services are based on PKI technology (Public Key Infrastructure) using digital certificates, ensuring a high level of security and user authentication for the services. 

The e-Invoice is used by small and large business users in Croatia, within all industries.

Have Additional Questions? We Are Happy to Assist You.

If you need further clarification or have any questions about our service, please feel free to reach out to us. 

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