At Fina, you can make these cash payment transactions:

  • payment of cash
  • cash withdrawals
  • cash withdrawal using a Day-Night Vault

based on the contractual business cooperation between Fina and commercial banks.

Payments and cash withdrawals

You can make payments and cash withdrawals at all Fina branch offices.

Day-Night Vaults

To become a Day-Night Vault user, you need:

  • to have an open transaction account at a bank that has contracted this service with Fina
  • to make a contract with Fina for this service by signing the Contract for the Use of a Day-Night Vault for one or more Fina locations.

Fina does not charge a fee for using Day-Night Vaults. At the FINA branch office, Day-Night Vault users are given the required key number or magnetic card and the required number of bags or packets, or they may purchase plastic security bags marked with a unique number and barcode.

All deposits placed in Fina’s Day-Night Vaults during the afternoon and at night, as well as deposits placed on the next day in the morning, are processed on the morning of the next working day.

Fina Day-Night Vaults are available at 102 locations.