Fina enables easy electronic communication between business partners through submission of forms, access to information services, payment, and exchange of electronic invoices and electronically signed documents.

Special attention is paid to ongoing development of web services and advancement of e-business in the Republic of Croatia.


This service enables entry, signature, sending and timestamping of e-invoices, receipt of certificates of receiving e-invoices, change of e-invoice status, receipt, archiving and search of e-invoices, use of templates, graphic personalization of e-invoices (logo), and their matching to payment orders. The e-Invoice service is connected with the Internet banking services provided by banks having a business cooperation contract with Fina in place, which enables automated preparation of electronic payment orders for purchased goods and services.

Sending eInvoices to croatian state beneficiaries is possible through PEPPOL Network. Please find more information here.


Fina’s e-payment service enables our customers to make HRK payments out of several transaction accounts held with different banks by using a single card/USB stick and PIN. Payment transactions are possible 24 hours a day, from your own office or home, but are also compliant with the highest data security, protection, confidentiality, accuracy and non-repudiation requirements.

Web Annual Financial Statements Registry (RGFI)

This enables electronic submission and acceptance of financial and statistical forms. The service provides access to annual financial statements of all business entities required to submit them, so you can obtain information on how your (potential) partners conduct their business.

Concessions Registry

The service provides access to an electronic database of all concessions granted on the territory of the Republic of Croatia according to service user’s authorities. Data is entered on a daily basis, making accurate and updated information on all concessions available in one place.


The service enables electronic submission of R-Sm forms and electronic delivery of information on computed compulsory pension insurance contributions to the REGOS (Registry of Insured Persons) system in Fina.


This enables electronic acceptance of creditworthiness information (BON-1) pertaining to a service user or their (potential) business partner. It only takes a few minutes to obtain information relevant to their business or future business cooperation.

Web e-Signature

Web e-Signature enables electronic signature of documents and authentication of signatures on electronically signed documents. To become a user, a customer must have Fina's digital certificates and register for the use of the application.