How we work

We strive to be a reliable public-sector partner and build strong relationships with economic operators by supporting their day-to-day operations and working together on moving forward towards a more technologically advanced society.

EU Trusted List of Qualified Trust Service Providers

The EU Trust List lists the providers allowed to provide qualified trust services. Qualified trust service providers have been given qualified status. That enables their differentiation from trust service providers, informing users in a clear and simple way of the reliable electronic services they are being given access to.

Fina is the first provider of qualified digital certificates and timestamps in Croatia. Information about the provision and use of qualified digital certificates and timestamps and other trust services in accordance with the requirements of the eIDAS Regulation is published on the Fina Digital Certificates web page.

Fina is a qualified trust service provider on the national Trusted List, which is part of the EU Trusted List of Trust Service Providers.

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Personal Data Protection - GDPR

Fina collects your personal data for the purposes of administering a contract to which you are a party and stores them in accordance with EU and Croatian privacy law. Your personal data will be stored for the duration of the contract and afterwards securely deleted in accordance with our data retention and erasure policy and legislative requirements.