Product and services designed for the government

Fina is a key partner to the government in the pension reform, computation, payment and supervision of compulsory contributions, taxes and surtaxes, and also in all major activities of the national treasury.

We provide, IT, technical and operating support and maintain a number registries and services, enforce funds, provide support to the blue diesel consumption supervisory system, and perform many other activities for the public sector.


HITRO.HR is a Croatian Government’s service for quick communication between individuals and business entities and the state administration. Service users can obtain all information and take most steps required to establish a company or open a craft business in one place. HITRO.HR also offers a number of web services, including the e-Company service enabling online establishment of a limited liability company with share capital in cash from any notary public or HITRO.HR office at any commercial court.

Central Registry of Insured Persons (REGOS)

Within the compulsory pension insurance and individual capitalized savings system, Fina maintains a  database of insured persons and entities required to pay contributions by maintaining basic registries and code lists, conducting procedures for selection and change of pension funds, receiving and processing R-S/R-Sm Forms, maintaining unified accounting for pension fund members’ personal accounts, reporting in the system of affiliated institutions and participants, exchanging information with affiliated institutions, resolving complaints and archiving documentation and information.

Public Sector Employees Registry (RegZap)

The Croatian Government assigned to Fina the task of establishing the Public Sector Employees, Registry, a central information system integrating information on all employees of state authorities and public services, their positions, and organizations of institutions. The establishment of the Registry has enabled efficient management of human resources in state and public authorities and provided the elements for further development of centralized payroll accounting for the public sector and budget beneficiaries.

National Treasury System

The national treasury is a public funds management system performing activities relating to budget preparation and execution, national accounting, and cash and public debt management. Fina provides technological/operating support to collection and allocation of public revenues and technological/operating and IT support to the national treasury system.

Blue Diesel Consumption Supervisory System

Fina has been assigned the establishment of a supervisory system for consumption of blue-colored fuel oil (blue diesel) for agricultural, fishing and aquaculture purposes. The Blue Diesel Consumption Supervisory System functions on the basis of a card for Agriculture and Fishery Fuel (GPR), ensuring that blue diesel is only sold to Card holders up to the quota previously approved by the competent institutions.

Funds Enforcement System

Pursuant to the Funds Enforcement Act, Fina enforces business entities’ and individuals’ funds in all accounts and time-deposit funds in all banks according to debtor’s personal identification number, without their consent. The enforcement of this Act is a very important and comprehensive project that changes the former enforcement methods and its main objectives are to regulate the debtor-creditor relations, increase collection efficiency and protect creditors.

Registry of Court and Notary Public Securities

The Registry of Court and Notary Public Securities for creditor claims is a single database of registered encumbrances, rights or injunctions on movable property, stocks and shares. Thanks to Fina's outlet network, the Registry enables acceptance of statements containing the basic registration information and acceptance of transcripts/printouts of original documents on file. The website provides access to the basic information contained in the Registry free of charge.


HITRONet is a communication network of the Croatian Government enabling connection of different state administration authorities by using a single computer-communication infrastructure. Users have secure and strictly controlled access and may connect the network to the Internet and establish standard and specific network services.


e-File is a facility operated by the Ministry of Justice. This is a court case management system providing courts with immediate access to cases during court proceedings. It enables reliable, efficient and sustainable court proceeding management, improvement of court activities based on introduction of modern technologies, and continuous development of judges’ and court employees’ skills. For the purposes of this facility, Fina provides system support and call center services.