Who we are

Fina is a reliable trust service provider and a meeting point of non-digital and digital technologies.

Financial Agency (Fina) is the leading Croatian provider of financial and electronic services. Nationwide coverage and the information system tested and proved by the most challenging projects of national importance, combined with highly trained experts working in professional teams are Financial Agency’s key advantages. Owing to its quality resources Fina is able to prepare and carry out different projects: from simple financial transactions to the most sophisticated projects in the electronic business.

Fina is a public company operating exclusively according to the rules and regulations regulating free market activity.  We are maintaining successful collaboration with banks, the Croatian National Bank and multiple business systems and organisations. We are also government’s reliable partner with several successfully implemented vital projects of large scope involving public finance. Fina played a major role in the preparation and implementation of payment and pension system reforms.

Fina has a wide and developed network organised to follow the logic and intensity of economic activity.  Fina’s information system connects all branches, even the farthest, guaranteeing fast and reliable processing of even the most complex and sophisticated requests, making each contact point in the system ready and capable to execute any order and to meet any service request. There are four regional operational centres (Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Osijek) and a network of branches and outposts connected by modern information technology, enabling quick and easy access to services from anywhere in Croatia.  


The Financial Agency began operating under its present name in January 2002, but boasts 50 years of business experience. Fina replaced the Payment Transactions Institute (ZAP), i.e. the Social Bookkeeping Service (SDK), the only entity in Former Yugoslavia authorized to execute domestic payment transactions. In 1993 SDK became the Payment Transactions Institute (ZAP), improving the business operations in terms of technology and organization and maintaining the monopoly in the field of payment transactions until 2002. Strong customer service and customer satisfaction and positive reviews by national and international institutions have earned ZAP high regard among financial market operators.

With enactment of the Financial Agency Act early in 2002, publicly-owned Fina assumed the position formerly held by the Payment Transactions Institute and continued developing its business policy in the market environment, without acquiring monopoly power.


Fina has a longstanding tradition in business. Fina’s strength is mirrored in the successful implementation of large scale projects in the public sector, implementation of legislation, computerisation and enhancement of public services and sharing knowledge and expertise of employees in the finance, electronic, cash and other services, responding to the needs of all client categories. 

In order for us be more successful and proactively develop new solutions, while justifying the trust placed in us by our clients, employees and the community on a daily basis, we at Fina have implemented the Strategic Development Plan 2018-2020. The Plan presents Fina’s vision and mission statements, while defining its organisational values, strategic goals, key areas and activities and performance evaluation system.

There are three focus areas constituting the basis of Fina’s Strategic Development Plan for the upcoming three years, each targeting specific segments of operations and activities. We have named them: Strength, Growth and Agility.  

Strength focuses on Fina’s core business, putting the accent on product and service enhancement, improvement of customer relationship and digitalization of operational processes, relying on our broad experience, human capital development and national coverage.

Growth focuses on a diverse set of activities dedicated to expanding our portfolio by adding new products and services, further successful use of EU funds and activities directed towards creating an even better climate facilitating overall development, all through collaboration, partnership and with active contribution of our employees.  

It is extremely important to us to show that we are ready to change, follow new trends and take on operational challenges. Therefore, Agility is our third key focus area. Multiple incentive activities and solutions will be implemented across the organisation. Our guiding thought is to become an example of best practice. 

Dedicated to our organisational values, we are continually making Fina better and more successful while fostering principles of corporate social responsibility and staying close to our customers, employees and our community.  


Fina is a unique place where tradition meets the digital world you trust.


To be an indispensable partner to the public sector and the economy in business and in creating a more advanced society.


Commitment to the customer