Parties, participants in the process and interested public can follow the process of the sale carried out by Fina in enforcement or bankruptcy proceedings by using the Public Posting application

All documents (invitations, notices, requests and similar) which Fina issues as part of the sale process and which need to be posted publicly are published in the application. Also published are documents submitted by competent bodies to Fina for publication.

The documents which Fina issues as part of the sale process and publishes on its website will be considered to be delivered to all persons they concern after the eighth day following their publication on Fina's website. 

Using the application is completely free of charge

List of Fina branch offices where you can access the public posting:

Branch office



F. Supila 4


O. Keršovanija 7


Vukovarska 2


Kaniška 4


Pavla Vitezovića 1


Opatička 1


Hrvatskih branitelja 4


J.J. Strossmayera 3


L. Jägera 1-3


Trg Sv. Trojstva 19


Giardini 5


F. Kurelca 3


I.K. Sakcinskog 1

Slavonski Brod

Petra Krešimira IV br. 20


Mažuranićevo šetalište 24b


Perivoj L. Maruna 1


Augusta Cesarca 2


Trg dr. Franje Tuđmana 2


Olajnica 19


Matije Gupca 46


Ivana Danila 4


Ul. grada Vukovara 70

Working hours and phone numbers of Fina branch offices can be found here

Documents related to a certain sale of real estate/movables via electronic public auction are published on the Public Posting website. The documents can be searched by selecting one or more of the following criteria: 

  • File reference number of the competent body,
  • bidding ID
  • type of issuer,
  • name of issuer (alongside selecting the type of issuer),
  • type of document,
  • Personal Identification Number (OIB) of the physical person or legal entity (for example, enforcement administrator, enforcement debtor) connected to the document that is being searched,
  • date of publication (staring date and/or ending date).

After entering the search criteria, the user must solve the captcha and then press search.

Upon searching based on one or more of the listed criteria, the application displays a list of all currently published documents related to the sale of real estate/movable property in a specific file. By clicking on "Details", additional information will be displayed, containing details about the class and registration number of the document, the link for downloading the document and the option to view all currently published documents within the same file.

Accessing the Public Posting application

To search the Public Posting application, users need to have Internet Explorer 9.0 or newer installed, or newer versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. 

The Public Posting application is currently available only in the Croatian language.