Fina keeps a Register of real estate and movables (if their estimated value exceeds EUR 6.630,00  (HRK 49.953,74) sold in enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings. The Register is kept in electronic form and is available via the application Register of Real Estate and Movable Property

The application can be accessed by any user who wishes to obtain information about the current state of subjects of sale entered into the application. 

Using the application is completely free of charge

Fina enters data into the Register based on requests for sale and requests for entry into the Register. Said requests are submitted by competent bodies to Fina branch offices, whose jurisdiction is determined based on the seat of the competent body within the county. The requests are submitted to Fina as originals, authenticated copies or notarized copies, by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt, direct delivery (to the relevant Fina branch office Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm) or electronically when the conditions for that are met. 

The electronic register of real estate and movable property may contain photographs of movable property, photographs of real estate and blueprints from the value assessment report delivered to Fina by a competent body at the proposal of the party.

Technical specifications for submitting materials are available are currently only available in the Croatian language here.

List of Fina branch offices authorized to accept documentation in the process of selling real estate and movables via electronic public auction is available here.

The Register is kept at the level of the subject of sale, and each subject of sale is shown separately and has a separate value of the subject of sale.

Basic functionalities of the user application Register:

  • real estate search
  • movable property search
  • property search
  • rights search

Properties can be searched according to the following search criteria: 

  • file reference number
  • type of issuer
  • name of the issuer
  • type of subject
  • type of proceedings
  • bidding ID 
  • county, city / municipality
  • adress
  • settlement, value (EUR/HRK)
  • area (it is also possible to include real estate with an unknown area)
  • complexity
  • joint ownership

The search for other categories is done in almost identical ways, but it is adjusted to the specifics of each category (when searching for movables and rights, the option to select the area has been removed, and when searching for property, the option "scope of property" has been added).

According to the complexity, the subject of sale can be individual (consists of one real estate / movable property) or collective (consists of several real estate / movable property).

After entering the search criteria, the user is obliged to rewrite the control characters (text from the image) in the field provided for that purpose and start the search.

By searching based on one or more of the above criteria, the application displays a list of all subjects of sale that meet the specified search criteria. Only the first 100 search results are displayed as a search result, and if the search criteria are met by more than 100 search results, the system will recommend the user to narrow the search criteria.

After selecting an individual subject of sale, the user is shown a screen with details of the subject of sale. The details of the subject of sale consist of 3 groups of data:

  • basic data on the subject of sale,
  • data on sales conditions,
  • real estate (and movables, if any) of which the subject of sale consists.

In addition to information about the subject of sale, at the bottom of the screen are (if any) links to other items of sale from the same file.

The user can return to the search results by selecting the option "Back to the list of subjects for sale".

Access to the Register of Real Estate and Movable Property application 

To search the Register, you need to have Internet Explorer 9.0 (or higher), newer versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox installed.

The "Register" application is currently only available in Croatian (as "Očevidnik").