Payments systems

Payment systems are used to execute interbank payments, i.e. to clear and settle payment transactions.

Payment system is a system for transferring funds with formal and standardised procedures and common rules for the processing, clearing and/or settlement of payment transactions.

Payment operations in the Republic of Croatia are carried out through five payment systems:

  1. National Clearing System (NCS) *
  2. EuroNCS *
  3. NKSInst *
  4. Croatian Large Value Payment System (CLVPS) **
  5. TARGET2 ***

* Financial Agency is the system operator
** Croatian National Bank is the system operator
*** The system is jointly operated for the Eurosystem's benefit by the Bancad'Italia, the Banque de France and the Deutsche Bundesbank. The European Central Bank is the main supervisory authority for TARGET2.


National Clearing System

The National clearing system (NCS) is an interbank payment system for the clearing of funds transfer orders in kuna (HRK)  between its participants based on a multilateral net principle. More information


The EuroNCS is a single payment infrastructure for the clearing of national and cross-border SEPA credit transfers in euro. More information


The NKSlnst is a payment system for settling instant credit transfers between its participants in kuna (HRK) in real time. More information